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Vestopazzo was born in 1994 from the desire of learning and coming into contact with the artisanal realities of far away places. With time and experience a network of craftsmanship and manufacturers was created as part of the foundations of the brand, along with a solid style and design team.

Vestopazzo manages the entire production chain, going from the creation to the realization of jewelry, clothing and accessories, to their distruibution and sale.

Passion for what we do is what keeps us going, our tribe’s philosophy is to present the markets with unique collections and affordable prices, involving both craftsmanship and an ethical production chain, having care of the local populations by involving them in charity projects.

Improving has always been Vestopazzo’s keyword, dating back 25 years ago when the world of jewelry, fashion accessories and clothing was first chosen.


# il mondo dentro 

We like to think that generating positivity brings more along with it. For such reason Vestopazzo is active in charity projects, in the hopes they may improve or be the beginning of new networks and new opportunities.

A portion of the company’s profits is invested in the construction of schools, long distance adoptions and in favor of several non-profit organizations